What is Central Blood Pressure?

By itself, brachial BP provides an incomplete picture of an individual’s complete blood pressure.

For more than 100 years, physicians have relied on the systolic and diastolic pressures measured with a brachial cuff sphygmomanometer to manage blood pressure. However, blood pressure in the brachial artery can be very different from the pressure at the heart and it is well established that the central blood pressure—the pressure at the heart—is more predictive of cardiovascular risk than brachial pressure.

ATCOR is the industry standard for noninvasive central blood pressure (NcBP) and arterial stiffness assessment. These vital measurements deliver deep, individualized clinical insights that are simply not possible with standard brachial blood pressure measurements. Hundreds of studies show that central blood pressure is the most reliable indicator of cardiovascular risk. Central blood pressure is also the most sensitive guide for precise, personalized hypertension medication management.

Beyond Blood Pressure™

The Only Complete BP Measurement

Gold-standard noninvasive central blood pressure measurement.

Central pressure waveform in addition to brachial and central BP numbers.

Gold-standard quantification of arterial stiffness.*

Numerous additional medical-grade measurements that quantify heart and arterial health.*

Cardiovascular Dysfunction

  • Complete, accurate BP assessment to catch 30% of critical HTN patients that bBP misses.
  • Saving 1M+ lives annually in US as most reliable predictor of long-term CVD risk and target organ damage.
  • Personalized, precise HTN medication management to reduce 16% in prescriptions.
  • Accurate CVD risk stratification saving US health insurers $50B+ annually.
  • Improves identification & management of Stage 1 HTN patients and high-normal BP patients.
  • Identifies effects of CV interventions that bBP alone misses and enables targeted treatments to improve cardiac geometry.
  • Predicts CHF & acute HF outcomes and helps individualize vasodilator therapy for HF patients.
  • Predicts likelihood of fatal stroke and renal function decline in CKD patients.
  • Predicts all-cause mortality in ESRD patients and quantifies impact of ESRD therapies on survival rates.

Cognitive Impairment

  • Predicts dementia & cognitive decline.
  • Detects multiple aspects of impaired cognition—executive function, memory, and global cognition.
  • High association with white matter hyperintensities.

Other Conditions

  • Improves detection of diabetes risk factors and quantifies CV risk of fatty liver disease.
  • Quantifies effects of anti-retroviral therapies and chemotherapy drugs on CV system.
  • Reveals effects of food intake on CV system and highlights correlation between gut microbiome and CV health.
  • Identifies and risk-stratifies patients with inflammatory conditions, such as quantifying effects of RA therapies on CV system.
  • Characterizes and quantifies vascular aging and helps delay effect with granular CV data.
  • Enables early detection of pre-eclampsia.
  • Reveals CV root cause of ED.
  • Reveals effects of environmental toxins on overall health.